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Quzhou Nankong Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd

Quzhou Nankong Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd

Processing materials

Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine chip

Generate product

Ginseng, red ginseng, pseudo-ginseng, dendrobium, cordyceps sinensis

Case introduction

Quzhou Nankong Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a collection of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal pieces processed and sold as one of the Chinese Medicine business enterprises, subordinate pieces of factory first through the new GMP certification, June 2015 successfully passed the new GSP certification, December 2013 the company was identified as safety production standardization level three enterprises.

  With more than more than 60 years of traditional Chinese medicine production, management base, rare Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials, after careful cleaning, except miscellaneous, slicing, drying and other processes, to create first-class Chinese medicine products, to advanced business philosophy to win customers, to become the user's rest assured enterprise.

  In the important production drying link, the use of the ZLRK intelligent drying machine, precise control of the drying process of temperature and humidity, the application of the patented wind cycle technology (double cycle process), so that the wind and Chinese herbal medicine fully contact, drying evenly, improve the drying efficiency, both reduce the labor cost and shorten the drying time, get customers good evaluation.

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