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The Event of the Day: The End of Summer

2020-07-06 11:39:26 248

At 23:14 Beijing time on July 6, we will have the "little summer heat" in the 24 solar terms, which marks the beginning of the hot summer. 

It is the end of the lunar month and the beginning of the lunar month in the Ganzhi calendar. It is the end of the lunar month and the beginning of the lunar month of the waning moon. The sun reaches 105 degrees longitude and falls on the 6th and 8th of the 7th lunar month. It is the beginning of hot weather, but it is not yet very hot. It means the weather is starting to get hot, but it is not yet the hottest. Although it is not the hottest season of the year, it is followed by the hottest season of the year, the great heat, which is known as the "little heat, the great heat, the upper heat". Cooking under the steam" said. Many of our country since the small heat into the most thunderstorms season.


It is said that "hot in the three volts, cold in the three nine". The Three Volt days, usually between the heat of the small summer and the summer of the first year, is the highest temperature and humid, hot and sultry period. The monsoon climate is the main feature of China's climate, and in summer, under the influence of warm and humid air currents from the ocean, many parts of China are hot, humid and rainy. This time of year, although the sun is fierce, hot and humid and rainy, but for crops, the same period of rain and heat is conducive to growth.

In ancient times, folk have a small heat "food new" customs. That is, in the small heat after tasting new rice, people will be freshly cut rice grinded into rice, good rice for the five grain gods and ancestors, please bless! The wind and rain are good. And grind the freshly beaten rice into powder to make various delicacies to share with neighbors and folks to eat and express prayers for a good harvest.

Notes for health care in the summer.

Food: avoid cold, should be light and moderate amount

Housing: Regular bedtime, with emphasis on naps

Row: Keep the room temperature and sun protection

In the self-care and exercise, we should take care of the heart and Yang according to the five major organs, the heart is the master of summer, and the heart is the master of yang, calm the heart, and ensure the exuberance of the heart function, in order to comply with the principle of "nourishing Yang in spring and summer".

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