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Heavy rains in many places, with it to make dry goods sales doubled, farmers to see the sky to eat t

2020-06-28 14:44:40 234

Recently there has been heavy rain all over the country and it never clears up.

June is a harvest season, whether it is crops or a variety of fruits are on the market in large quantities.


There are various ways to process and sell a cash crop, and besides picking it fresh, drying it and then selling it is another big way.

●What are the products that need to be dried?



Dried fruit is very popular with contemporary people, generally like to eat as a snack, such as a certain treasure snack three giants, dried fruit accounts for a big snack category.

Many fruits can be made into dried fruit, the common ones are dates, hawthorn, goji berries, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, grapes, kiwi, apples, sweet potatoes, strawberries, cinnamon and so on.




Spices spice up all the flavors of life and are something we all come across in every household.

Cinnamon, chili, pepper, star anise, ginger....



edible mushroom

It is not hard to find that all of the mushrooms that we often eat, such as shiitake mushrooms, fungus, morel mushrooms, fir mushrooms, silver fungus, monkey mushrooms, etc., sold in the market are dried.

In addition to easy storage and transportation, the dried mushrooms will have more fragrance and flavor.




Baldan wood, almonds, walnuts, and other normally loved nuts also need to be dried before they are sold.



Seafood and meat products

Sea cucumbers, abalone, dried squid, dried cod, and seaweed are common seafood made into dried goods for sale.


Sausage, bacon, beef jerky, and dried duck are commonly eaten meat products.




Many people regularly brew fire-reducing teas such as chrysanthemum and honeysuckle in their cups of water, and many women make herbal teas for beauty, such as adding rose slices.



Chinese herbs and tablets

In addition to the various dietary categories, herbal medicines and beverages are also a big category.

Panax ginseng, salvia, rehmannia, ginseng, and half-summer all need to be dried.


● The secret of drying is not affected even in rainy days ●

Is the memory of drying still stuck on natural drying for others who don't understand the drying process, as the saying goes?


NONONO! You're out, and if you still point to the heavens for food, the peasants are going to cry these days!

Today's industries are moving more towards scale and specialization, and drying technology is no exception.

Think about it, a company grows tens of thousands of acres of peppers, can it be dried outdoors by hand, by weather?

Nowadays, for products that require drying, drying equipment is used.



● Disadvantages of natural drying ●

1. large footprint.

2.High labor intensity and increased labor cost.

3. Poor sanitary conditions and infestation of flies and insects.

4.It is greatly affected by the weather and other natural factors, and the loss is incalculable.

●Advantages of Zhonglian Heat Treatment Equipment ●

1. Small footprint

2. Only a small number of personnel are required to operate

3. High standardization degree, improve production efficiency.

4. Wide range of application, suitable for most of agricultural and sideline products processing.

5. Strong technology, high degree of automation, close to natural drying, intelligent temperature control, a key operation.

6. The products are clean and hygienic.

7. High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, reduce costs and improve product competitiveness.

Zhonglian Thermal Branch is located in the core location of the Central Plains Economic Zone "business capital" - Zhengzhou, eight years of brilliance eight years of achievements, to build a "national standardization of food and pharmaceutical products drying research base" for the mission, "thermodynamics and food and pharmaceutical products drying" as the research center and application direction, after years of exploration and experiments to study a variety of drying equipment.

The company has not only solved many drying process problems in food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and sideline products and other production processes, but also saved between 20% to 50% of energy than the traditional process, revolutionary reduction in production costs, bringing other enterprises can not be compared to the core competitiveness of the user's affirmation and trust.

With the growth of the company's scale and strength, the products have been recognized by more customers, and the visibility has been in the forefront of the industry. We have reached long-term cooperation with "Good Thinking Jujube", "Zhongjing", "Nongfu Shanquan" and other enterprises. Very good development and expansion, the products are all over Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other continents and regions.

The company insists on taking the road of high-quality goods, "creating customer value" as its responsibility, adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation is the source of power for enterprise development" and continuous innovation, with a number of universities and research institutes, increase research and development efforts to ensure product innovation and durability, so as to promote energy conservation and environmental protection cause and the healthy development of the industry.

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