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Henan Ruyang County township leaders led the village clerks to observe the yellow marshmallow drying

2020-06-29 17:43:00 246

In the Dragon Boat Festival in Ankang, we are enjoying and family to stay together and eat dumplings happy moments, we in the United Heat Tech 1 project manager led several electrical engineers and workshop workers, in Ruyang County, Henan Province to complete the installation of yellow Marshmallow automatic intelligent drying equipment.

Ruyang County, Henan Province, taking advantage of the local geographical advantage of high mountains and good ecological environment, combines the development of characteristic industries with rural revitalization, actively planting Beijing chrysanthemum, Subei chrysanthemum, golden chrysanthemum, Wuyuan yellow chrysanthemum, tribute chrysanthemum, yellow marshmallow flowers and so on more than 400 acres, developing efficient characteristic industries.

It not only drives farmers in this town to get rich from poverty, but also drives farmers in neighboring towns to actively develop chrysanthemum planting and embark on the road to get rich from high efficiency agriculture.

The local government and leaders are highly concerned and interested in developing the yellow marshmallow related industry.

Fresh flowers are not suitable for storage and transportation, plus the marshmallow flowering period is very short, only a day or so, after picking the flowers must also be dried as soon as possible, otherwise color change will occur, the key ingredient total flavonoid content will be mostly lost, so the use of suitable equipment for large quantities of drying processing is very necessary.

The figure below is Ruyang County township leaders led the village clerks to observe the installation of the Yellow Marshmallow automatic intelligent drying equipment in the United Thermal Branch.

The installation of intelligent drying equipment, with a total length of 24 meters, width of 2.3 meters, six layers, can dry 1 ton of fresh goods per hour.

The use of intelligent drying equipment in the United Thermal Branch, system stability, high degree of automation, to reduce labor, save costs, while ensuring the quality of drying, improve product output and profit value.


Marshmallow can not only be used in medicine, but also can be extracted from the stalks of plant gum as a food additive, in the food industry can be used as thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers, it can be used in the production of ice cream, ice lollies and bread, biscuits, cakes, jams and other foods.

Because of the huge medicinal value of hornwort, the huge demand for hornwort in domestic and foreign markets, coupled with the application of efficient large-scale automated drying equipment, provides favorable conditions for the production and marketing of hornwort, the future market prospects of hornwort must be bright!


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