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Gelatin drying solution

Gelatin drying solution

Total drying time:around 20h

Recommended equipment:mesh-belt hot air dryer

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Material introduction

Glatin finished products are white or light yellow, translucent, micro-shiny flakes or powder particles; it is a colorless, odorless, transparent and hard amorphous substance. Gelatin according to the use of different can be divided into: 1 edible gelatin, in the food industry is an important ingredient and additives, often as a gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickening agent and clarifying agent, etc. used in meat products, production of cakes, ice cream, beer, fruit juice, etc. 2. Medical gelatin, the most used medicine is used as a package of medicine capsules; 3) industrial gelatin, used in fiber textile, insulating materials, paper, holographic materials and other manufacturing aspects

Drying process

Drying temperature stages: drying chambers-25℃—30℃— 35℃—38℃—43℃—48℃—53℃—58℃ Humidity: not exceed 30%

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