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Can you sell sweet and sour dried hawthorn and also achieve a small goal of 100 million?

2020-08-07 14:21:38 633

Hawthorn has never been a rare commodity. But a humble cooperative in the ditch in Shandong Province has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with nearly a thousand large supermarkets such as RT-Mart, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Hualian, Ginza, etc. It is also set up as raw material by each big Chinese traditional medicine drink company, and has established long-term cooperation relationship with Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Kyushu Tong, Ji Ren Pharmaceutical, etc. The products have entered more than 100 cities in 20 provinces in China, and has taken the lead in passing the national QS production! Licensed and certified and set corporate standards for dried hawthorn, achieving annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars!

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This is the story of "National Rural Youth Wealth Leader", "National Agricultural Labor Model" - Qi Xianrui, he is the village out of college students, working hard in Shanghai for 11 years, understand the quality hawthorn dried has a huge market, back to the hometown development.


Since ancient times, Chinese medicine believes that dried hawthorn has important medicinal value, dried hawthorn has been a good medicine for strengthening the spleen and opening the stomach, eliminating food stagnation, invigorating blood and resolving phlegm. Dried hawthorn is dried from fresh hawthorn, its function efficacy is very much, and there are many ways to eat, it is well known that, dried hawthorn soak water as tea, it has very good efficacy to human body, old and young.

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1, Dried hawthorn soaking water has the effect that can help people prevent and cure cardiovascular disease. At the same time can also have help human body expand blood vessel, strengthen heart, increase coronary blood flow, improve heart vitality, excite central nervous system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, soften blood vessel and diuretic and calm emotion and so on efficacy.

2, dry hawthorn soak water has help human body cure arteriosclerosis, anti-aging and anti-cancer efficacy. Among them, the hawthorn acid which is contained in hawthorn soaking water has strong heart function, also has benefit to old age heart disease.


8U58 herbs net July market data show: hawthorn goods sales normal, the market basically remained stable, hawthorn machine drying unified piece price is between 6.5-8 yuan, drying goods price is around 11 yuan, de-seeded piece price is between 20-25 yuan, the center ring price is around 40 yuan.


Hawthorn heat pump drying process.

1, After washing the hawthorn fruit, you should dry the water of its appearance as soon as possible, and then proceed to slice the fruit, remove or keep the kernels as needed. Now there are special slicing machines, high efficiency, and the thickness of the slices is even, usually around 3mm.

2, The water content of fresh hawthorn pieces is about 80%, the target water content of drying is about 13%, using Zhonglian heat pump dryer, set the intelligent temperature of drying equipment to the range of about 55 degrees Celsius, make the free water contained in hawthorn pieces evaporate a lot, hot air circulation system continuously conveying fresh air, evenly conveying the air volume to each shelf, exhausting the air, prompting the evaporated water to be discharged through the condensation water pipeline system.

3, hawthorn piece drying process is relatively simple, hawthorn piece tolerates higher temperature, heat absorption is bigger, can raise temperature to 60 degrees from the first stage, need 2-3 hours to complete, then raise to 65 degrees dehumidification, hawthorn moisture is more, general drainage pipe flow time will be to 16 hours or so, then carry on the end of the consolidation stage, general need 2 hours.

4, Hawthorn tablets in drying equipment must be cooled to room temperature after drying for packaging, not in the drying room to push out after the material temperature is still very high when packing.

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