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Haoxiangni dates industry Co., Ltd

Haoxiangni dates industry Co., Ltd

Processing materials

Raw dates, dates without stones, dates with walnuts, dates slices

Generate product

dates slices、datescake

Case introduction

Haoxiangni dates industry Co. Ltd was found in 1992, because public company in Shenzhen stock exchange in 20, May, 2011, is the prior public company in red dates industry in China. Haoxiangni takes red dates cultivation processing, refrigeration preservation, technology research and development, trade exports, tourism as one of the integratedenterprise.. The company takes the market demand as the guidance,technology innovation as the driving force, brand management as the core, by means of scientific management, adhering to the product serialization,high-end, healthy nutrition as the strategic approach, continuously expanding the market share of products and brand awareness , has become a well-known enterprises of red dates industry.

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