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Red date drying solution

Red date drying solution

Total drying time:9-10h

Recommended equipment:heat pump dryer, mesh belt hot air dryer, batch type of hot air dryer

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Material introduction

Red dates also known as jujube, with the characteristic of high vitamin content, has the good reputation "the natural vitamin pill", and has the efficacy of nourishing yin and tonifying yang, enriching the blood. According to the origin, it is divided into Xinjiang jujube, Shanxi jujube, Hebei jujube, Shandong jujube and Gansu jujube etc. Using red dates as raw materials can be processed into disposable instant jujube, red datesring, crispy red dates, candied date, jujube slices, jujube drink etc

Drying process

In order to maintain the freshness and color of red dates, the curves of drying temperature is adopted. The drying time of red dates is different according to different humidity, Take Xinjiang jujube as an example: 1st stage: 45℃-------1h, raising drying temperature, blow away 2nd stage: 48-52℃ ---- 2h, fully preheating red jujubeprepared for red jujube water out in the late stage. Third stage: 54-58℃ ----------4h, the water is out from red jujube evenly, but rapid temperature rise is be prevented to ensure the plumpness of red dates, Fourth stage: 60C ------0.5h, when the temperature rises, the sugar in the pulp of the red jujube is transformed to ensure the sweet taste Fifth stage: 60-45C----1h, slow down temperature to prepare for cooling

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