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Zhengzhou Shuai Long date food company

Zhengzhou Shuai Long date food company

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Red date

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Date cake, dried date, date chip, date powder, healthy date

Case introduction

Zhengzhou Shuai Long date food company is the production of date, deep processing and sales of integrated food Enterprises, is a traditional industry in the sunrise Industries. The forefront of domestic date industry. Shuai long always adhere to the "agriculture" word fuss, around the processing of red date projects, relying on "high-quality, efficient, hard work, innovation, professionalism, integrity," The entrepreneurial spirit, continuous management innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, so that enterprises achieve a sustained, rapid and healthy development.

  In the original variety of products on the basis of overcoming various technological problems, research and development and production of date products, thickness than the date film increased a lot, ZLRK technical personnel after many experiments, adjust the appropriate temperature curve, reasonable control of humidity, the equipment into a tunnel-type heat pump intelligent drying room, not only in the drying time has been greatly improved, and the quality of products, taste also welcomed the customer's unanimous praise.

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