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Guizhou Tian Ci Gui Bao Food co., Ltd.

Guizhou Tian Ci Gui Bao Food co., Ltd.

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Golden Thorn Pear dry, gold thorn pear piece, golden thorn pear sugar, golden

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Thorn Pear is known as "The King of the dimension C", "The King of Sod", Folk call "Magic pear" "Long life fruit".

  Guizhou Godsend Precious Food Co., Ltd. will be Anshun unique golden thorn pear planting resources, and strive to build bases, farmers, deep-processing and market of the whole industry chain, further improve the value of gold thorn pear. Products to the Golden Thorn pear tourism products, snack food items, products related to thorn pear stem, thorn pear slices, pear sugar, such as 9 Series of products.

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