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Honeysuckle drying solution

Honeysuckle drying solution

Total drying time:around 12h

Recommended equipment:batch type of hot air dryer, heat pump dryer, mesh belt hot air dryer

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Material introduction

"Honeysuckle" A From "Compendium of Materia Medica", because honeysuckle Flowers opened to white, then yellow, hence the name of honeysuckle. Flos Lonicerae Honeysuckle is honeysuckle and the same plant dried buds or flowers. Honeysuckle has been known as the antidote to heat and detoxification. It is sweet and fragrant, sweet and cold to heat and not hurt the stomach, aromatic dialysis and can dispel evil. Honeysuckle can not only publicize the wind and heat, but also good clear blood poison, for a variety of hot sexually transmitted diseases, such as body heat, rash, hair spots, hot sores carbuncle, sore throat and other diseases, the effect is significant

Drying process

Honeysuckle are selected and screened first, then loaded into the drying machine. 1st stage: drying temperature 36-40℃-3-4h, low temperature drying to fix the honeysuckle color; 2nd stage: drying temperature 45-48℃-2h, remove less water and fix the honeysuckle shape; 3rd stage: drying temperature 52-56℃-4h, remove much water; 4th stage: drying temperature 58-63℃-2h, remove residual water to dried completely

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