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Wolfberry drying solution

Wolfberry drying solution

Total drying time:around 18h

Recommended equipment:heat pump dryer, batch type of hot air dryer

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Material introduction

Wolfberry is rare medicinal herbs and supplements. Compendium of Materia Medica records: "the wolfberry, tonifying kidney to produce sperm, liver, eyesight, eyes and nerves is longevity." Wolfberry is mainly concentrated in the northwest region, among Ningxia wolfberry is the most famous, in addition, the wolfberry quality in Gansu, Qinghai etc.is also very high

Drying process

Temperature-rise stage: room temperature to 45℃, 1-2 hours 1st stage: 45-50℃ drying, large moisture exhaust, epidermis lose water and soften for 4 hours 2nd stage: 50-60℃ drying for 10 hours, exhaust moisture at an interval humidity above 40%, surface shrinkage. 3rd stage: 60-65℃ drying, exhaust moisture intervaly, dry inside and outside to below 12%. Note: this drying process takes the specific drying room, specific varieties, size and the maturity of wolfberry, for example, for reference only, customer can further optimize in the production

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