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Lemon drying solution

Lemon drying solution

Total drying time:around 8-16h according to material shape and quality requirement

Recommended equipment:heat pump dryer, mesh belt hot air dryer, batch type of hot air dryer

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Material introduction

Lemon: lemon contains sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2, C and many other nutrients, in addition, there are rich citric acid and flavonoids, volatile oil, hesperidin and so on. Citric acid has the effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation. Use more lemon slices to soak in water

Drying process

Temperature increasing stage: from room temperature to 45℃-1-2h; 1st stage: drying temperature 45-55℃-6-8h, remove the most water under low temperature, dehumidification should in time. 2nd stage: drying temperature 55-60℃-8-10h, surface shrinked and dried. 3rd stage: drying temperature 60-65℃-1h, material dried completely, end moisture level below 12%

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