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There are many ways for him to get rich in the June to September produce ripening season!

2020-07-06 11:37:01 226

June-September is the peak season for agricultural products and Chinese herbal medicine, meanwhile, the production department of Zhonglian Thermal Branch is very busy, orders, production and delivery have reached a peak.

Daily delivery

The increase in orders for drying equipment illustrates that more and more growers selling agricultural products is not simply a direct acquisition model, they secondary processing of their crops, made into dry goods, increasing the sales of products, enhance the value of goods, while their own income has also doubled!

China's fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products can be dried system processing a wide variety of species, from fruits to various vegetables, to edible mushrooms, dried fruits and noodles, vermicelli and other deep-processed products, including Chinese herbal medicine, baked cigarettes and other agricultural products to be dried, the variety is even more numerous, fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products drying processing industry development space and value-added potential.



At present, China's agricultural products dry processing methods, with the growing labor costs and the market for agricultural products quality and health requirements improved. It is developing rapidly from natural drying to the adoption of mechanical drying direction. In terms of the scale of the entire agricultural drying processing industry, this industry has made great strides to start, and is developing rapidly, and with technological advances and the adoption of mechanical drying. The support of the government is bound to develop to a better, faster and larger scale.

Advantages of Zhonglian Heat Pump Dryer.

1、Easy to install: easy to install and dismantle, small footprint, can be installed indoors and outdoors.

2, high efficiency and environmental protection: only consume a small amount of electricity, you can absorb a lot of heat in the air, power consumption is only 1 of the electric heater /1 kWh of electricity equals 4 kWh of electricity.

3, environmental protection and no pollution: no combustion and emissions, is a sustainable development of environmentally friendly products.

4, safe and reliable operation: the operation of the entire system without the traditional dryer (fuel, gas or electric heating) may exist in the flammable, explosive, poisoning, short-circuit and other dangers, is an absolutely safe and reliable semi-closed drying system.

5, long service life, low maintenance costs: is based on the development of traditional air conditioning technology, mature technology, stable and reliable performance, long service life; safe and reliable operation, automatic manual-free operation, intelligent control.

6、Comfortable and convenient, high degree of automation and intelligence: the use of automatic thermostat device, 24-hour continuous drying operation.

7, a wide range of application, not affected by climate: can be widely used in fruits and vegetables, food, herbs, industrial supplies, seafood, sludge, wood and other industries of heating and drying operations.

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