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Honeysuckle is in high demand, popular with the market, and still rises in price whenever an epidemi

2020-08-07 14:26:55 937

Honeysuckle is a popular choice for fire-reducing herbal medicine, especially in the summer, when it sells exceptionally well!


Honeysuckle is a good product for modern people's health and disease prevention and control. It has certain nutritional value, and honeysuckle new products are not only sold well in the domestic market, especially in the foreign market has also been generally welcomed and favored. Honeysuckle flowers for the demand for more than 10,000 tons of commonly used bulk varieties. Because it is a kind of important medicine to clear fever and detoxification, therefore, every time an epidemic comes, it can always drive its market fluctuations, so among the commonly used bulk varieties, honeysuckle is a relatively active species.


Honeysuckle affected by the second wave of the epidemic, the supply of goods to sell better, the market has a small rebound, the current price of honeysuckle blue flower between 175-200 yuan, the first-grade price of white goods produced in Shandong about 170 yuan, the second-grade price of goods about 160 yuan.

Honeysuckle is one of the bulk of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has a variety of economic purposes, due to the amount of increasing year by year, many regions have carried out a large area planting, cultivation techniques continue to improve, the comprehensive development and utilization of progressive depth, the initial formation of the honeysuckle industry, in adjusting the rural industrial structure, the development of the local economy has played an important role. However, due to the lack of comprehensive planning, has not yet formed a complete and systematic industrial chain, with market competitiveness of the fist product is not much, thus limiting the development of honeysuckle production to a certain extent. It is of great significance to promote the development of the whole Chinese medicine industry to comprehensively analyze the current situation of honeysuckle industry, identify the existing problems and further improve its industrialization level.

In the future, growing honeysuckle will be a very stable industry because the market demand for honeysuckle is relatively stable. Therefore, in the future, planting honeysuckle will continue to improve the production and quality of honeysuckle and increase the scale of cultivation to create a scale effect in order to obtain greater profits.


Honeysuckle is very strict on drying requirements, rain or shine, regardless of capacity, the flowers will be picked back, shallowly laid on the frame pallet, pushed into the Zhonglian Thermal Branch honeysuckle drying room, open the dryer.

Set the intelligent PLC control drying mode and temperature and humidity parameters, the initial temperature of 35-40 ℃ is appropriate, before the honeysuckle reach 50% dry, it should go through about 10 hours of low and medium temperature drying strong moisture removal period, the temperature range of this period does not exceed 50 ℃; when it reaches 50% dry, before the temperature rise 55 ℃, can slightly reduce the dehumidification, about 3 hours, to reach 80% dry; finally, on the basis of the original temperature rise 5-10 ℃, until the drying is complete.

Each bake a batch of about 12-18 hours. The whole process is not to turn over arbitrarily or stop drying, baked until the flowers with a light blue color, hand-rubbed into powder is preferred, airtight space for dried flowers without impurities, very clean, usually 6-7KG flowers to 1KG dried products.


The baked honeysuckle is dried to room temperature and graded for packaging.

The flowers are dry and uniform, fragrant, bitter and sweet. Open flowers, broken buds and yellow streaks of no more than 5%, no blackening, impurities, leaves, insects, mildew;

Second grade: as above, but no more than 5% open flowers, broken buds and yellow strips of more than 10%;

Grade III: the shape is rod-shaped, thick and thin, slightly curved, green-white or yellow-white, the corolla is thick and hard, with a top hand feeling, the flowers are dry and uniform, fragrant, sweet and slightly bitter. Open flowers, blackheads no more than 30%, no impurities, leaves, insects, mildew;

Grade 4: evenly dry, buds or open flowers, regardless of color, no more than 3% of intermingled leaves, no insects, mold.

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